Tuesday, April 1, 2014

That Kind of Mom: Start the day off right

This is just a little theme I want to start up regarding motherhood improvements; ideas I am trying to adopt to be a better, more together mom as well as things I realize I need to revisit. 
More and more I realize how fulfilling it is to start the day early and accomplish daily tasks before the sun comes up. While some of that notion might be a sugar coated fantasy, I do feel a little more awesome when I start my day earlier. For the past few months I haven't been setting the alarm earlier than 6:30, possibly to counter all those times I rolled out of bed at two in the morning (or night) to go be a baker. Well, the time for change is now. I am taking up the early wake up to encourage morning time productivity, with an occasional Saturday off when permitting.

What time do you lovely people wake up? Any ways you have found to make it easier?

And because I couldn't get this song out of my head after writing this: The Postal Service - Sleeping In


Erinm1979@gmail.com said...

The only way I can get myself out of bed (6:15 usually) is to set my coffee maker up the night before, and put it on timer. My day just starts off better if I don't have to putter around the kitchen first thing, and risk waking up a child. :)

lindsay said...

Good call, Erin. Might have to invest in a nicer coffee maker- it is good incentive to get out of bed to a cup that is ready to go.

Just Ma said...

Dogs---you need dogs---Will send two to you----just say the word. One for each of the kids---and guaranteed to get you up early every morning.