Friday, March 28, 2014

Trails Quilt

Just celebrating the fact that this is the first quilt that was made start to finish in the last two years over here. It started as a long envisioned project that became the real deal after waiting on fabric for another quilt. And I am excited about its completion- a few months back quilting seemed like something I would never really have time to indulge in as cutting, piecing, pressing, quilting and binding can take some time. But this big quilt represents a return to my former creative indulgences and a big departure as far as where I want my designs to be. This is a bolder piece, and is inspired by trails, blazes, and journeys; things that take time to see clearly and take shape.

...and it is up in my shop here


Just Ma said...

Beautiful! Absolutely a work of art. So much of you goes into each item you create. Love, Ma

kristin said...

oh it's great! love the colors and still so glad you have time to create again!