Thursday, April 3, 2014

Special Deliveries

I've been snipping strings on some pretty special little gifts lately. After a major baby boom in my circle of friends I made some time to put together and send off little care packages to the lovely new mommas. Having babies is tough work, and I just wanted to extend love to some special ladies who just made the world a more beautiful place with their sweet little additions. And I have to admit I get choked up when I see adorable pictures of the babes enjoying bibs and blankets- the sweetest thank you I could ask for.

1. chenille lined bibs & blankets
2. Burt's Bees - any cream with shea or honey
3. Darjeeling tea
4. chocolate bark 
5. almond tuille
6. drapey cardigan


kristin said...

You're the best. The chocolate is gone, the cookies are halfway eaten (all by me), the cardigan is in the rotation as are the bibs and my belly skin really does need some love after growing a baby! Oooh and I haven't tried the tea yet, looking forward to that too. You're just the sweetest, so thoughtful. Thanks Lindsay!!!!

lindsay said...

You are so welcome! So glad that you enjoyed it, Kristin. You are totally awesome & deserving of special care packages of treats & goodies :)

Just Ma said...

Sweet! What a great idea! Kristin took the words right out of my mouth--"You're the best!"