Friday, April 11, 2014

Friendly Reminders: kcw & ikat capris

After seeing project after awesome project filling up my instagram feed earlier this week, I realized that kcw is going on and I had to join. These little ikat capris were made with a Michael Miller print that I had been longing to use. What should have taken one or two hours start to finish ended up taking a little longer when I cut one too many back left legs and had to rig together another piece with scraps- the woes of directional fabric. And then after that I had to take a lunch break to eat a box of girl scout cookies, but that is another story. Regardless, I made these by adding an inch to the sides of pants pattern I know works for my daughter, and then finished these babies up with a slick elastic waistband and inset ties. The ties even come out of button holes- I know, very exciting.
I finished these up whilst listening to these songs- the first was introduced to me by a sweet friend recently. Makes me smile when it pops up on my playlist.

Ane Brun - Do You Remember
Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance
Stereolab - The Black Arts 


kristin said...

yay, glad you joined! modeled photo please (instagram would be fine!). ;)

Erin said...

these are adorable. and whatever you just posted on IG is amazing- the jacket!? love!

RETA said...

Absolutely darling!


manu said...

Ane Brun is one of our favorites at home.. Put this song on next time Yotam comes for a play date.. you will discover new parts of him :)
We went to a small concert she gave in NYC two months ago and it was AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!

Just Ma said...

Cute pants. Glad you are taking time for yourself and to do things you enjoy. Know the kids are also enjoying having more Mom time. You make their lives special fun times. My playlist varies--I am into "Happy" and dance w/the "boys."
Love, Ma