Friday, September 13, 2013


It feels like not too long ago we were coasting along in full fledged summer mode: pool days, late nights, trips near & far. Unwavering day to day freedom. We are just getting up to speed with the back to school vibe and as much as I loved the limitlessness of summer, I am kind of loving the organized calendar, meal planning, school clothes laid out each evening. And I am most excited for other changes that are happening around here- Danny just got a new job in the city and it has definitely had an impact on my overly tired self. It's exciting and hopeful- my work schedule has been pretty unaccommodating for my crafty pursuits and there were some noticeable moments in which my sewing machine went unplugged far longer than it should have. To think of having free snippets of time to relax and sew- man, that feels limitless. 


Erin said...

congrats to danny! you are definitely one who shouldn't be *too* long without sewing time- so, congrats to you too!

Just Ma said...

Great pics, nice Blog, get to sewing girl, Danny you are where you need to be---being a chef, and kids you are shining stars in Ma's heart.
Love, Ma