Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to Basics

We are two weeks  into back to school mode and with both kids attending the same school with the same schedule, I have to say it would be pretty embarrassing if I didn't find a little time to throw an outfit or two together.
This is Phia's favorite new top made specifically for her "not so cutesy" style preference that has me trying to find the middle ground between tween and juvenile.
It did start off as a "why not" project as I stumbled upon the fabric in a thrifted grab bag. From what I can tell it is a vintage Hawaiian crepe-like fabric. I loved the weight and texture and the abstract floral was just too perfect.
The overall construction of the top was simple which helped to balance out the crazy print. It is just a basic dress shirt with a wider drape and elastic shirring along the waistline in the back. Add to that a mandarin collar that was pressed to lay down, and there you have it, Phia's favorite back to school piece.

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Just Ma said...

What a fun back to school outfit!!! The colors and fit are wonderful---clever to use the elastic in the back. All around A+ for the seamstress and model---Go Girls!!!!