Wednesday, October 23, 2013

KCW: The Real Challenge

I've been amped up for this season's kcw (who hasn't been?) but since my dear, sweet daughter spilt apple cider on my keyboard, I am later to post than anticipated.  
This project was a little celebration of  reversible clothing- a tank that has a pale purple flip side that pairs nicely with one of my most prized pieces of thrifted fabric. 
And since it may seem funny to see me cranking out tank tops before colder seasons, Phia will be rocking this layered with a cardigan in her unusually warm classroom. I've made the mistake of making and buying long sleeved apparel for this kid to wear to school, and learned first hand last year during an art presentation how stifling the classroom becomes with 20 active little people. After stammering through a pop art discussion in the impropotu sauna, I vowed to choose her clothing more wisely since she is my dear, sweet daughter.

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Just Ma said...

Oh yes--Phia and LJ are back!!! Love the top/sweater, classroom, and apple cider story. Phia---mia LJ.
Love, Ma