Monday, April 15, 2013

Why is Phia crazy excited?

Kids Clothing Week, of course!
And why am I crazy excited? Oh, just guest posting about a particularly cute pattern over on KCW to ring in another completely inspiring week of child sized handmades. Check it out!

If you know me, you know how much I love KCW- in my mind it is like a holiday and it is acceptable to take time off to sew new duds for the kids. And so it's understood that I am super thrilled that the wonderful Meg would invite me to the party! Thanks, Meg!

 Details: the top was made with a pale pink poplin, but I used a print by Nani Iro as a shell for the front and for the sleeves and collar. I loved how simple and free this floral print is, and I still smile when I peek at the back pop of petals. 


Erin said...

you are amazing. love it. LOVE it! and Phia is such a beauty!

kristin said...

Look at your little gymnast!! Congrats on the guest post, excited to see what you whip up for KCW (when Meg asks you to guest post, that means you HAVE to join the challenge, don't you know). :)

melissa said...

Fantastic! You're such a talent. And I've been reading Elsie Marley for a LONG time and always swear I'll jump into KCW challenges every time, but never do. Good for you!

Just Ma said...

Great design (both pattern and child)! What a great model---Her Ma sure enjoyed the recent visit.
Love, Ma