Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Details Dress Shirt

I am always in awe of stellar boys clothing since sewing for boys can definitely be a challenge. You have a lot more leeway with girls fashion, and boys clothing requires much more attention to detail.
Case in point- this little dress shirt I made for Ori. Lines have to be clean and seams have to be straight. Buttonholes have to be even and collars have to be aligned.
But that's kind of why I enjoy it- the finished project always looks so finished
This checked material was a 50/50 pillowcase- I love that it is more graphic than straight plaid. It was perfect for a dress shirt, but I did have to stretch it by using the gray chambray for the back and lining.
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kristin said...

Geez man, it's like your kids grow up from blog post to blog post! What a great shirt this is! I agree about the boy sewing restrictions, but it does make it extra fun to find those little bits to make it special. Oh and thanks for linking to my Ferris post! :)

Simple Simon & Co said...


Just Ma said...

Great shirt, great kid, super/sweet mom. Nice combination.
Love, Ma