Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scout's Honor

Confession: I always wanted to be a girl scout. As a child everything they had to offer appealed to me; crafts,  camp fires, and cookies. My sister was a brownie scout and although it was an early and very apparent desire of mine, nothing ever came of it. I just held tight to the idea that I would probably be an awesome girl scout if need be.
So when a friend asked if Phia might want to join I had to admit that I had been waiting for the invite for a while. The girls in her troop are so sweet and spirited, and she is so excited for Friday night meetings. In December the girls were in a town parade and they marched holding a banner that I made for their troop. The banner got some sweet compliments and the girls looked so proud. Really made the appliqued lettering worth it.
I could go on, but I will just leave you with these scouting links.
souting on pinterest
Famous Scouts -
Something Funny- cookie commentary by John Mulaney

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Just Ma said...

How wonderful! Love the banner. There is a long family tradition w/the exception of one rogue Campfire girl. Your great aunt, maternal Ma, and other aunts were all in the scouts. I was a "den" mother working w/the troop in our home to help both the Brownies and Girl Scouts obtain their cooking, sewing, gardening, and other numerous badges. Phia looks so excited and happy. Thanks for sharing.
Love, Ma