Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tee Time

New tee's for the new year? Sure thing.
 These were so superly simple to whip up. Two different cuts, made to tunic length for the hip drapey style, or the tucked into skirt look.
The knit stripes were found at Hancock whilst vacationing in Wichita last year, and the vintage floral knit was an etsy purchase.
I am loving these quick little projects- instant gratification is so....gratifying. And sewing is one of my priorities this new year- I am really trying to ease back into it, and have been relearning how to plan out and execute projects as thoughtfully as possible. If only we could keep from being sick I think I would really make some strides with my sewing goals. Lately, every time we feel like we are recovering, some new bug sneaks in. Hoping for more stitching and less ailments!


erin said...

well, i'm rooting for you on both things- more sewing, less sickness. i have been enjoying simple projects myself, and realize too, that the instant gratification of it all is indeed gratifying! welcome back!

Just Ma said...

Great shirts, so cute---also lovely model. Wishing wellness in your family with more sewing, crafts, and blogging in the new year.
Love, Ma

Simple Simon & Co said...

I agree with Erin---less sick, more sewing---we've had pneumonia and influenza. I'm going crazy.

Anyways, as always your sewing is perfect and your choice of fabric is perfect.


Esme Wonders said...

These tees are the cutest! I've just nominated you on my blog for a Liebster Blog Award. I always love checking out your beautiful things.