Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 In the garden, staking, weeding, feeding and harvesting our little plot.
Every year I am so amazed by how a little seed can turn into a plant budding and ripe with fruit. It is kind of special. We have been keen on the Matt's wild cherry tomatoes and the nasturtium plants twisting all around our garden.
 In the kitchen, using up all of the zucchini and gems that the kids pick during play time. 
In the sewing room, drafting, snipping and creating my "perfect" tank top. Sometimes the most simple things take the longest to master. After some trial runs with other tank top patterns I realized that what works for others probably isn't going to pan out for me. Being rather short with a descent set of shoulders, it didn't take long to conclude that I need to veer away from wide straps, snug fit, and racer back styles. I made mine with a nice scoop, shape in the back to keep it in place, and medium width straps that are set apart wide. I like it, and am amazed at the compliments received from something so basic. I guess the lesson is something that fits well doesn't go unnoticed.


Erin said...

Lovely photos- and it is a perfect tank on you....what kind of fabric did you use for it?

kristin said...

Oh I love that tank! I have broad shoulders too - scoop and v-necks look best on me. I wish you sold your patterns, you're so good.

Just Ma said...

Was catching up on your blog and totally missed this one. Luv the garden, the veggie garden meal, the perfect top and of course luv the girl wearing it.
Love ya girl,