Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer School

We have had quite a few absurdly hot and crazy rainy days this summer. And this year, since we opted to go the summer without camp for the kids, we have had to step up the indoor entertainment. With hours to mull around paintings on the porch, I really wanted to jump start that creative spark that is kind of overlooked during the school year- for that our art collection is growing.

Favorite resources include these hits from our library:
Ed Emberley's Make a World -  All About Drawing from Micheal's - Art Lab for Kids - Sewing School

And some really cool lists and ideas for creative projects for kids:

The Artful Parent Kids' Arts and Crafts
Poppytalk Summer Crafts for Kids
Elsie Marley's Summer Journal

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Just Ma said...

Sounds like a fun summer. Nice to have inside projects when it is too hot to be outdoors. Know they are both looking forward to BD's and school. Give all a hug from Ma.
Love, Ma