Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yea, it's been pretty hot outside. 
 It made me consider what we did last year during temperature spikes. A year ago we were enjoying time with family in Kansas, who also happen to be much more heat tolerant people.
 And I recall drinking limeades by the gallon. Point taken. Despite our decision to leave mint out of the garden this year, I thought we could liven up the mix with a little fresh basil.
Basil Limeade

For 4 glasses of Limeade

8 limes
2 stalks of basil
6 cups of ice cold water
4 tbsp. sugar

Muddle the basil with 1 tbsp. sugar and a little lime juice. Rinse it out into a pitcher and add the water, remaining sugar, and lime juice. Serve it over lots of ice, garnish with lime or basil leaves, and then hydrate yourself. 


Erin said...

This sounds so nice- It has been hot hot hot here too. My kids would love this. :)

Kat said...

Where's the neon red fake cherry juice?

Just Ma said...

The family in KS has great memories last years visit. What fun. We must do it again.
Love, Ma