Monday, March 5, 2012

Works of Art

At the beginning of the school year I signed up to give Phia's kindergarten class a little presentation on Andy Warhol with one of the other mothers. If the focus is on pop art, you have subject matter that is definitely fun and appealing for little art enthusiasts. Celebrities, canned food, and a mouse in bright colors- how could you go wrong with that?
After the presentation the kids had the chance to make some personalized pop art. I did a little tinkering with their class photo, and came out with some high contrast black and white portraits for them to color in to their liking. As predicted, they loved coloring in their own faces- almost all of them had a little lipstick, glasses, and mustaches. My favorite: lightning bolt scar
This is Phia's mulligan- I asked her to color this one in at home for framing purposes. While there are some other really neat tutorials ( 1,2) on how to make Warhol-esque portraits, I took the easy way out- I cropped the face, erased the background, increased the brightness and contrast, played with the curves, and then changed the picture to black and white.

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Just Ma said...

OMGOsh---how fun that must have been. Luv the high contrast black and white picture theme----goes great w/Andy W.
Love, Ma