Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Part of Your Balanced Breakfast

This is definitely the most important meal of the day when Ori looks that excited before devouring it.Even though little man loves yogurt to start with, its always a treat to watch him "oh & ah" and dance around a bit when we dress it up with some fruit.
What gets your day started? Lately my day begins with coffee- a habit I am trying to get out of.


Just Ma said...

Yummmm!----on both yogurt and coffee. What a way to start a day.
That guy has the cutest grin!
Love, Ma

Anonymous said...

:) Ya. Ori makes great "oh &ah" expressions. They're pretty entertaining, I'd have to say. ESPECIALLY at the trains...CHOO CHOO!!!


colleen marie said...

oh definitely a cup of coffee and granola & yogurt :)