Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Works of Art

Season's greetings, from my family, to yours.
The family portrait was completed a little later than planned this year, but with a last minute push, I tried to make it look cute before sending it out to loved ones. After drawing the portrait, I framed it in a collage of vintage stamps and then took a picture of it. The cards were then printed and mailed out with the vintage stamps, which were purchased from this very lovely etsy shop.


Just Ma said...

Loved the card(s) and idea. Your talent is unending. Will pass out the extra cards to the locals. (The blod pic does not do them justice.) Loved it that Ms. Phia helped w/stamp selections. (Give Danny a BD hug for tomorrow.)
Love ya girl,

Just Ma said...

Ooops--How about blog and not blod?