Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Suiting

Since it falls right before holiday festivities, Danny's birthday usually sneaks up on me. This year I did a little planning and made him something that would also be pretty useful considering the ridiculously cold temperatures lately.
He has always wanted an intensely warm coat, so I made him this one after peaking at a few stylish parkas from Urban Outfitters.
The shell is a charcoal bull denim, and the lining is a gray striped suiting material that I quilted with a plush cotton batting.
Although I wanted it to be a surprise gift, I also wanted to make sure it fit properly, so Danny was well aware of what he would be receiving.

And yes, we took the pictures in the back of a moving truck because we are currently packing up all of our earthly possessions and moving them to a new little place that we will be living in sometime around December 29th. It will definitely be a holiday to remember.


Just Ma said...

Wonderful coat. Left a message on Danny's phone yesterday to wish him HB. Hope your move is going well---talked to the NY girl and found out she will be out of pocket during the packing part of the move. Bet you can grab her for the unpacking phase. Wish I was there and I could help. Love ya girl, Ma

Just Ma said...

Okay----just got the play on words "birthday suiting"---The coat is really wonderful and will keep Danny warm as he spends his next few days in the moving van. Just kidding---it is the sick family humor.

boatx2 said...

You MADE that coat?!

Infuriating. So wonderfully infuriating. ^_~