Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift Making

Last year I had the pleasure of making the majority of the gifts that we gave to loved ones. Since we are moving, or more so since most of my sewing room is packed up in boxes, handmade gifts are pretty minimal this year.
Thankfully little miss is picking up the slack for me. She made this for her very special pre-k teacher, who happens to have a "cutie little white puppy". She was having trouble making the dog she envisioned, so I made a little stencil and let her go to town with some blue and white paints. After it dried I traced a little face on that she colored with black paint, and we ended up with a modern piece of preschool art.


boatx2 said...

and a beautiful piece of art it is!

Honestly...that dog is adorable. And so well done.

The stencil was a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

Looks exactly like my puppy, a bichon frise! Am I right?

Just Ma said...

Phia, what a wonderful job. I'm thinking you are going to be a great artist just like your mom.
Love, Ma

lili ash said...

Totally a bichon frise! So glad it is distinguishable!

Josie G said...

I knew it! Curved tail, curly coat, and those black facial features that really stand out.... She's got it all down perfectly!