Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Scranton Skirt

Lately when I have hand sewing to finish, or am just feeling particularly lazy, I have been enjoying past seasons of The Office. I am a really big fan of office looks put together for Angela's character, and between laughs I took note of a couple I wanted to recreate.
I made this skirt from a men's dress shirt that I found at a flea market. They were all labeled "irregular" (the buttons weren't properly aligned) so I picked up a couple for $.50.
After a few alterations, I ended up with a cute high waisted skirt that is office appropriate. I made notes of my alteration process, which can be found on Burdastyle.


Jenny said...

This is adorable!

april's craft nest said...

i love this! and love the inspiration. i watch the office as much as possible. during my (difficult) pregnancy, it was just about the only thing that could amke me laugh out loud. the skirt is adorable. i have been saving sa few of the button down shirts my husband has been giving away. i don't know if any would be quite appropriate for this skirt, but something to remember for the future! thanks!

Just Ma said...

Sweet! Great idea and great outcome.
Love, Ma

Ana said...

What great skirt!

Melissa said...

Love this! I put it on my favorites list over at BurdaStyle!