Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flooding and Dr. Appointments and Preschool Registration, Oh My!

After a month long lull of small jobs and relaxation, I was really amazed when all of the taxing deeds and (somewhat) dismal tasks needed to be taken care of all in the same week.
Like locating a couple of stranded NJ Transit passengers in Newark during a flood, and taking two trips to the doctor, and consignment sale volunteering, and preschool registration.
Between nursing my daughter back to good health and finishing a last minute cake order, we found time to go bask in the warm sun and enjoy a very deserved break from the craziness of this past week. 


Just Ma said...

WOW--please call or e-mail to provide details on Phia's status. Loved the pic of Ori. Cannot believe Phia will be ready for pre-school. Know she is ready just cannot believe she is old enough to go.

Anonymous said...

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