Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last Minute Cake Challenge

This cake job came at a less than opportune time for me; Phia was feverish, Ori was attention deprived, and it was needed in 36 hours.
Phia was concerned about the concept as she did not understand why anyone would want a cake without hearts or flowers, Ori was just happy to pick at the fondant I was using, and in the end, I was satisfied with the finished product.

And yes, the cake recipient was a drummer by the name of Breeze. Also, please pardon my night shots.


Anonymous said...

holy cow...
that is a spectacular cake. i can't believe you had even a gram of doubt! YOU'RE MAKING MY WEDDING CAKE! :) you already know this...LOL love you. sending kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

auntie jess

Just Ma said...

Great cake---as always! How clever!
Love ya girl,

Aunt Dawn said...

Hey Lindsay~ I came across this community through one of my friends of facebook. I thought you might enjoy looking it over if you haven't seen it already.