Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Good & Not so Good

The Good: The past few days have been perfect for cookie baking...The Not so Good: ...mainly because it has rained endlessly & it is bitterly cold outside.
The Good: Ori, with his stylish new hairdo, thoroughly enjoys cookie days...
The Not so Good: well as wiping his chocolate hands on every surface in the apartment.
The Good: Danny was recently told he should expect a promotion at the restaurant.

The Not so Good: This will result in us seeing him much, much less.


Just Ma said...

Great kid pics. Phia is such a photogenic girl and Ori looks great w/the new do---chocolate and all.
Love, Ma

Vicki said...

Ori have mom roast a marshmallo on the stove top, stick it between two chocolate cookies. Mmmm Good and it may cut down the chocolate mess.
Love you!