Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventures in Urban Gardening Part Two

And so it begins...
Since the days are getting longer and warmer we have been very, very excited about gardening. Our plot from last year has been dismantled, so this year we are focusing on the flower beds.
There is a good amount of space to work with, so hopefully it will be as successful as last year.


Just Ma said...

FYI: Look at Ferry Morse for Organic seeds. Double clicked and saw you had Lilac. It is shrub, cannot be moved easily if you move and does not always bloom well the first year. Move to KS--I have one--I will let you tend it as long as you like. Also, have lots of availabkle ground we can fence off (from the "boys" and you can garden to your hearts content. Love your garden plans.
Love, Ma

Just Ma said...

availabkle---Hmmm new word---How about available---too early---fingers not awake.