Saturday, October 31, 2009

you're never fully dressed without a smile...

even with phia singing the hook of every annie song, my children did not remember the valuable lesson that one should smile while their mother is taking halloween pictures because it's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters. with the curly top and constant urge to break into song and dance, phia turned out to be a convincing blond version of annie, and while it may be a stretch, i thought that ori was a sharp little daddy warbucks. it is more than likely my last year to dress him in the costume of my choice, and i doubt ori would have wanted to walk around in his sister's old costume.
and isn't he just the most dapper toddler? i know that daddy warbucks is supposed to be bald, but i could not rationalize shaving his head for just one night. i am proud of his little suit, which i threw together in about an hour. by the end of the night ori looked like the guy who partied a little too hard at a wedding reception.


Just Ma said...

Talked to Lauren last night and figured out w/her help what the kiddies would be for Halloween---thanks for the pics---now will look in on Jo and Linda'a blogs to see if theye have Halloween pics. What a cute idea. Thanks for not shaving Ori's head or dyeing Phia's hair. Phia's curly hair made her a natural and what a cute suit on Ori. Would love to have been there---wish my broom has been gased up.

Terry said...

How cute! They can't smile, their mouths are full of candy.

Love, Terry

Kei said...

Hmmm, I kept thinking that this picture looked familiar, then I remembered that picture of you with the fluffy hair in a red dress (my favorite pic), the look is identical.