Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i love nourishment

today i woke up in the mood for a delightful and nutritional dinner, but lacked the energy to put it together. after scouring the internet for the simplest meal to prepare, i took the easy way out and picked up a spring mix and threw together an autumn inspired salad.
it included sauteed apples, dragéed almonds, fennel, red onions, and bits of beets and aged cheddar and was dressed with an apple vinaigrette. not only did it hit the spot, but it was the perfect way to brighten up a dreary october evening.

with a little more forethought and planning, these recipes serve as great motivation to spend the afternoon in the kitchen.

butternut squash lasagne chow

vegetarian black bean chili martha

favorite fall recipes pink of perfection

corn chowder goldilocks find manhattan

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Just Ma said...

Interesting salad----I would opt to just open the sack, eat all the dragéed almonds, and then finish off the salad. Looked at the sites---they were great---thanks.
Love ya girl, Ma