Friday, October 23, 2009

halloween countdown

wow, almost a week away from halloween already? costumes have yet to be made, but we have been getting into the halloween spirit other ways...danny's mom, my aforementioned mother-in-law, cindy, not only has a very beautiful and picturesque victorian estate, but she also happens to be one of those awesome people who go above and beyond when decorating for halloween, dressing up her home like a haunted mansion.
she had a local artist paint silly headstones, my father-in-law, billy, made coffin's for the lawn, and she has quite the collection of creepy characters strategically placed to scare anyone not immediately aware of their presence. this diy undertaking has startled me once or twice, while the children seem to be equally fascinated as they are frightened by the new decorations.

...and while i am on the topic, here are some internet inspirations i found for phia and ori's costumes, can you guess what they will be?
clockwise: bow ties, tomorrow tie, vintage milk tops, grey fur coat, steele laundry basket

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So, I give up. What?