Wednesday, October 7, 2009

autumn appreciation week

sometimes i get caught up on 
the fact that summer is over
and i don't appreciate fall
as much as i really should. i
decided i would embrace the 
seasonal change now, and bask in the beauty of autumn.

it is a glorious time to focus 
on the finer points of domestic 
loveliness. baking, sewing 
and home making always 
seem so much more special 
in the fall. so of course i was 
thrilled when danny picked 
out a selection of the last blooms from the garden, including but not limited to dahlias, marigolds, nasturtiums, hasta leaves, fennel flowers and mint.
i really loved hanging up this fun little collaborative project painted by phia and ori. i let them go crazy with some orange paint yesterday. after their artwork dried i cut out little pumpkins, and phia and i arranged and glued them down. she has spent a substantial amount of time counting the pumpkins, deciding which ones are the baby pumpkins, and came up with the title "thirty little pumpkins".

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Just Ma said...

You know my love of flowers (and pumpkin)---what a clever idea and what fun the kids must have had painting and playing a part in the art work.