Tuesday, October 6, 2009

one hundred posts giveaway

this year phia cashed in on some
birthday points she accumulated
with her grandma cindy for a
gymnastics class. so for the past
month we have scrambled on
saturday mornings to locate her
leotard, tights, and gymnastics
slippers. after cutting it pretty
close to being late, i realized
that we needed to solve our little
organizational problem. phia was
thoroughly excited when i
presented the solution: a little
phia sized tote to store all of her
gymnastics gear. we designated a
spot for it in our entryway, and it
turned out to be a good size for her to carry to class.

i used pieces from a bag that i cut out but never found time to finish, and had enough fabric to make two. with orange and pink patchwork, it turned out to be such a sweet project so i thought i might offer it in a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post. with snippets of far far away prints, this little tote is a nice alternative to the normal "princess" accessories. it is small enough for a preschooler to carry, but the straps are long enough so that it wears like a handbag on an adult.
to cut to the chase, to enter the giveaway leave a comment on this post before midnight on friday october 21st, and i will randomly pick a winner on october 23rd. please comment only once, but if you feel so inclined to link to this giveaway, comment twice to increase your chance of winning. good luck!


Just Ma said...

Love the tote, love the child---pick me, pick me and send them both to me.

Tiffany said...

Love it, super cute, I wanna win. :)

Terry said...

Love your pics of kids and everything. Love you!


apple wrangler said...

oooh! so cute, i love it! i have a boy, but he likes pink too, and mama(me!) needs a new tote along for our library trips! thanks for sharing your life with us. :)

Professor Anderson said...

You and Danny truly make me happy! I always enjoy reading about your love for each other and your children. Your creativity and energy is a beautiful thing to witness! The way you nurture your children is a blessing to behold!
Keep up the wonderfully good job you're doing!
"Thirty Little Pumpkins" is a masterpiece too!
be well,

Vicki said...

Kylie wants Phia to come dance with her.

Keith said...

Please Pick Me.. you know i am your favorite aunt:).. Miss You

love ya

Rebecca said...

Lindsay pick me it has taken me 30 minutes to figure out how to leave comments and change the user name to Rebecca..( which it probably wont work)..PLEASE PLEASE.

Casey said...

too late, but that bag is very cute!