Tuesday, June 9, 2009

leftover dinner challenge

i will start this post by stating that i am in no way a purist. i will modify and bastardize classic dishes without a second thought, and while some might consider this debauchery, i like to think of it as a good old leftover challenge. 

in the fridge i found the usual lingering suspects: a surplus of beans that danny made last night, left over taco turkey, and a random head of cabbage. i will admit, for a second i felt like i was on top chef, and that is when i decided i was making some stuffed cabbage .
now, this isn't your traditional stuffed cabbage. grandma rosie, who made the first stuffed cabbage that i fell in love with while pregnant with ori, would probably roll her eyes at this concoction.
 it includes, but is not limited to, sauteed onion and orange bell pepper, beans, carrot,  bulgur, ground turkey, and it is topped with tomato sauce with a tablespoon of brown sugar. toss in a little salt, cinnamon and a bay leaf, and there you have it, make shift stuffed cabbage.


Terry said...

Go Lindsay, looks good! Thanks for the bags. You are my favorite internet shopping outlet. I don't feel guilty.

Bkreader said...

Hungry (of course) but decided instead of catching lunch I would check to see if you had posted a new blog. Well thanks LJ----Now I am starving---what a great collaboration of food. I am trying to be more creative but taking smaller steps to fixing new dishes. I also do not have your culinary background. Finally solved the mystery of "where are all those bags going?" Loved the featured food---missed the pics of the beautiful children.
Thanks for blogging(and being you),