Monday, June 8, 2009

had to take a baking break

we were hit with a week of rain, and while our garden seemed to enjoy it, the kids were maybe not so thrilled. we managed to get a couple cakes put together and take care of some miscellaneous graduation projects. phia and ori bonded from our indoor time together and we found ways to make plain things fancy.
i would have taken a picture of ori eating, but he was already done by the time i turned the camera on.

due to our inclement weather i was forced, once again, to take poorly lit pictures of a couple cakes i churned out for graduations.
the tooth made another graduation appearance and i constructed a stack of books. how do you improve on a classic like "to kill a mockingbird"? make it full of chocolate and edible, that's how.

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Bkreader said...

Great cakes, beautiful child--next time you will have to sneak up on Ori. The fruit looks delish and how fun to put it in baking cups. Your children are so lucky to have you at home with them and will always remember the mommie time. (Know Danny also spends a lot of time with them.) You make your ole Ma smile!!!