Thursday, May 28, 2009

growing up so fast...

here's one for the baby book. yesterday my charming little sweet pea phia said her first swear word. we were baking cookies and as the sugar and butter were becoming fluffy and creamed, i put the oven on to heat up. all of a sudden, through my allergy clogged sinus, i smelt the most horrendous burning smell coming from the oven. i opened it up to see what was going on and to my surprise the oven was empty. no dirty pan or left over parchment, nothing.

then my light bulb lit up. i opened up the broiler and there it was. what was once a diaper (unused to those who may be wondering, and more than likely placed there by ori) was now a blob, a bubbling plastic-like mess on the bottom of the broiler.

out of shock, i uttered a pretty poorly chosen word to describe my frustration. and then, in the sweetest, most dear and precious voice, i heard a little echo repeat back to me "shit...?", stated in the form of a very long and very cute little question. as adorable as it was, i gave her the bad word talk, cleaned up the diaper, aired out the kitchen and baked some pretty delicious cookies.

here's my little sailor-mouthed baby modeling a new tank top that i whipped up during ori's nap before the temperature dipped back down to 58 degrees.


Allie said...

LOL - yes, they repeat everything! I'll never forget when my firstborn son learned how to rhyme. We were walking through the mall when, at the top of his precious little voice, he started going through the alphabet rhyming things with "duck". I thought I would die when he got to the f. You see, this is why it's so much fun to embarrass them as teens - it gets to be payback time.

The top is darling!

Bkreader said...

Love the top---could also see a bit of those fashionable green boots. Ori is taking naturally to preparing things in the oven---hopefully, he will soon advance to food preparation. Oh LJ and Danny--it is just beginning and the road ahead will be fun for you.

Vicki said...

Don't be too hard on Phia.. I think the correct response would be "Oh shit"
Ori keep em guessing and on their toes.