Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lemonade stand dress

after learning how to use elasticized thread from weekend sewing, i have been shirring any fabric i can get my hands on in order to make phia some summer wear.
i realize you can not really distinguish the lemon print from the gingham, but i still kind of love it on phia. she took her new frock for a spin in the garden whilst rockin' her boots.


Bkreader said...

Mmmmm---the lemonade, kid in the dress/boots and garden all touch my heart. Was Phia posing in the mirror for the pic? The garden looks great---any harvest yet? Have had some rainy days---cooped up in the house with the B-bobs. Thinking of sending both the kids a dog of their choice---look for the barking boxes to arrive soon. Let me know your preferences.(LOL)

Professor Anderson said...

You are wonderful beyond words! Danny and the children are very blessed!