Tuesday, November 4, 2008

poor ori has been sick this past week. although it has been pretty sad watching him struggle with self soothing to sleep, i will admit that he has been entertaining us during his nap time. he still tries to breathe through his clogged nose, and ends up sounding like a purring cat.  phia really enjoys this, and surprisingly, she has not sneezed or coughed once. 
so, i will admit, that i am very excited for today. this drawn out process has really heightened my anticipation, and i can not wait to walk over to the voting booth. i was thinking, last night, about how big this election is. i want to preface by saying that, no matter who you are voting for, i respect your decision. this is, however an incredibly significant election, with a historic candidate.
one of the first tours i had of perth amboy was given by my father-in-law, billy. it included some history of the saint peter's churchyard, where thomas mundy peterson, the first african-american voter, was buried. he told me this with an air of pride, while interjecting a touch of his cynical humor. to be voting in this election is a huge honor, and i hope that everyone who can take part in it does so.
here is a peek at one of the quilts i just listed on etsy. it was inspired by a beatles song, and i am pretty happy with it. danny just asked me if i am ready to go make some change, so i am off. 


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Bkreader said...

Beautiful quilt. Loved your thoughts about the election. Wonderful to be a part of this changing history. Pop and I voted by mail this year. That was so easy.
Love ya girl---Give Danny, Phia, and Bubby a hug for us. Hope Bubby is feeling better.

sharilyn said...

wow, your quilt is GORGEOUS! i love it!

xo sharilyn