Sunday, November 9, 2008

a place to eat pizza hut without shame...

i have been wanting to write something about kansas and the people there whom i love. we started the morning with waffles, and it made me reminiscent about "breakfast for dinner" back home in wichita. ma and papa would have us over on wednesday nights when my dad used to work late and we would eat what seemed to be an unlimited amount of waffles. with bacon, of course, and peanut butter, always crunchy. 

various childhood memories always enter my head whenever i eat waffles. evening walks with the sound of cicadas, cherry limeaides, and hockey nights... birthday parties at chisolm trail and exceeding the maximum occupancy limit of the basement during thanksgiving dinner... the way ma would do the sign of the cross whenever we passed a catholic church, and the way papa would practice his swing when we drove by a golf course... and how papa could get away with anything
i would like to go home soon, and whenever they are ready for us, we will make the trip. i will bake cookies for papa, and if danny can come too he can roast a whole brood of chickens. i will keep him from breaking the new skylight, and i will even volunteer him to pick up any doggy messes. even if we don't eat waffles, i can not wait, because nothing beats the love i have for my grandparents. 


Bkreader said...

Loved your entry--told Papa about it. It really touched our hearts. Call and we will talk about a trip to KS---soon.

kevash said...

linds - love you very much and miss you and lauren. uncle kevin

Kat said...

Waffles, the dinner of champions!
Love you Linds.

tonyamoore01 said...

I have been following your blog & gosh your kids are so cute & you are such a grown up mature young lady! Litchfield hasn't been the same since you!