Saturday, November 1, 2008

a baby in wolf's clothing, wearing grandma's night slip

it took me a while to decide what phia and ori would be for halloween this year. it was the first time i have two of them to dress, and i wanted their costumes to be paired. after buying some supplies to make phia a sarah palin costume, i realized that it was a lost cause because she would never wear the wig. imagine her in a bright red jackie-o cut skirt suit, and ori as a little john mccain by her side. danny encouraged me to change my mind as "no one would get it".
so, on thursday night i started sewing, and here is our take on little red riding hood...
i looked to google for some inspiration and was really surprised by all of the little red riding hood art out there. here are some images that inspired phia's look.
and, ori as the big bad wolf , post grandma eating, of course.


Vicki said...

What awesome costumes! I love looking at your Blog.

Kelli said...

I would have loved to see the babies as Sarah & Johnny Boy.

Bkreader said...

Just catching up on your BLOG. Loved the Halloween theme. What cute babies! One year Uncle Keith and Aunt Becky dressed as Bad wolf (Becky) and Little Red Riding Hood (Keith). Neither were as cute as the new generation. Love,