Monday, October 27, 2008

life without camera

the old olympus died last week. i tried my hardest to repair it with the help of fix-ya. i took it completely apart, during this process i wanted to take a picture to send to mom to make her proud, but then realized i could not. 
so, of course, i finished some projects that i would love to post about. and i swear the kids are being extra cute just to remind me that the camera is gone. today we went to the asbury park arcade to make sure we will have pictures of ori's "deer in headlights" stare and phia's "smelling face".


Bkreader said...

What a wonderful treat to see these pics. Brought a smile to Papa's face---Love your hair cut---how flattering! What a beautiful family and how fun to see these pics. Aunt Terry is here---she also loved the pics.

mrsklepper said...

Hey Linds,

I love your new do! What a cute picture of everyone. I heard Orion is standing already - he is walking yet?