Saturday, September 13, 2008

i've created a monster

yesterday afternoon i decided to make some of my veggie baked ziti (with penne) so i had all of my vegetables out on the table ready to be prepped. i let phia play with her little critters, that she absolutely loves, and put orion in his jumper to let him burn off some energy. 
after about 15 minutes of cooking without any interruptions i decided to peek at the babes to see what they were up to. we made a dollhouse from a diaper box, furnished with a tupperware bed and the top of a soy sauce container as the potty. to my surprise, phia had a nice new styrofoam container and the kitties were apparently sleeping in it. for a second i admired her little imagination and creativity, and she was kind enough to throw the white little fungi that happened to be in the container in the trash for me. naturally, after i retrieved my button mushrooms from the garbage, cleaned the mushroom dirt from the kitty bed, i snapped a couple pictures. 

i am assuming orion is making this face because he expects sophia to get in trouble. 

and my newest project, that is going to be quilted tonight.

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