Thursday, September 11, 2008

the beauty of a community

the routine has gotten back to normal since danny has gone back to work, and i love it. phia and i hit a different park everyday so we can make note of which ones we want to frequent next spring. i have some quilts and things in the works right now, hopefully there will be some additions to my etsy. 

here is a family shot (minus mom) from phia's party. sorry to chris, who is half pictured due to my crafty camera techniques. 
this past week i have been reading about stephanie nielson of the nienie dialogues and wanted to include a link to today's creative blog where an ongoing auction is taking place, with proceeds going to the nierecovery. this is an amazing woman deserving of amazing support. i wanted to extend my abilities to the cause, so look for one of my quilts up for auction later today. 


ever changing said...

I have to say your babies are adorable and you have a lovely family! Your talents are amazing too.
I love your quilts...

newbeginning970 said...

Hey Lindsay! I was going through my emails and came across this link you sent me and deciding to check up on you guys. I am SO glad I did! As the pic of the family brought a smile to my face. I will have to check back often. That is too cute of a story about your mushrooms!(sshh, don't tell Sophia, but I would throw the mushrooms in the trash too ;))
Love, Aunt Dawn