Thursday, September 18, 2008

dreams of the delaware...

i always get excited about danny's weekend time that we get to spend together. even if we don't have big plans it is always fun to lay in the park with my man, or take a leisurely trip to wegman's. after our sunday outing to new hope, pa we decided to stay in on monday to let orion practice his crawling. 

danny made me a sunday sundae with the works.

here is the front shot of our future baby model. 

...and here is a behind shot.

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newbeginning970 said...

Awwww, The pics of Orion are just too cute!!! You guys were only about 30 mins away from us when you went to New Hope! I wish I would have known, we could have visited! Saturday, we went to Hershey to take a tour of Chocolate World, it was so much fun and then we went to Lancaster area on the way home and took a horse and buggy ride from the Amish. You guys really need to go, it was so much fun!
Hope to see you guys soon~ Sending hugs and kisses to Sophia and Orion!
PS: CHeck out this site:

You can see how many has the same name as each of you!
Aunt Dawn