Monday, February 24, 2014

Fashionably Late

To be honest, my musings on sewing aren't all they are cracked up to be. Before the whole "quitting my job" thing I was occasionally sneaking time in to sew, I just haven't been following through with posting. Somewhere during the process of finishing a garment, pressing it, making my child wear it and look cute, taking pictures of it, and then uploading pictures and cropping them, I easily fall off the wagon. Said garments usually end up being worn into tattered pieces of fabric before I get a chance to think up a cutesy title or some silly commentary. Case in point, Phia's dress for holiday parties. 

This one almost went unmentioned, but I felt it was just too good not to share. Made from Joann remnants and red tag fabrics, it is my attempt at modern kid fashion, and Phia is favoring this dress above any other in her closet. It has made appearances to multiple holiday parties, meet ups, and even an 88th birthday party. Mostly because it is just what my aspiring teenager wanted- something simple yet shiny and borderline tween. My only request is that she pair it with bright pink flats and a goofy grin as I am still reluctant to accept that she is halfway through kid-hood.


kristin said...

oh she's so cute and it's such a great dress. i'm glad you posted it, even "late!" i still have one christmas gift i really want to blog too, but never got photos...argh.

Just Ma said...

Sweet. Lovely festive dress and so brilliantly modeled by my GGD. She is a natural. Love, Ma