Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Results May Vary

Remember the ambitious, inspired me of January? Yea, that motivated young woman let a whole month slip by with nothing more than a couple sewing projects of little note. I really do love this whole blog experience and all of the wonderful people that make it so special, and even though I am a self described sporadic poster, to fall off the wagon and think that June went without any creative endeavor is a little disheartening. I had to check myself; 'over 30 days have passed with nothing made worth mentioning?'
But looking back, June will be remembered for the cake. Seriously. There was a lot of baking at my place. A while ago I cut out posting pictures of the cakes and things that I baked partially because it became more work than pleasure. And since this blog is a culmination of things around me that inspire and make me happy, things that reminded me of work simply slipped off the normal stream of posts. But just this one last time, maybe I can just put these pictures up as a reminder that things were in fact made and time was not wasted during this stretch of time.
So this post really might just serve as self justification, and while these may not be sewn projects, they were still things I was happy to make.

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Just Ma said...

WOW!!! Great to see close detail on the wedding cake. Great to see the blog in action again. WWM--WWM!