Wednesday, May 15, 2013

KCW: Hanami Trench

This little number may be late to kids clothes week due to our vacation and subsequent resettling time, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyways.
I made this with cool spring mornings in mind, with a bold color and clean cut to liven up Phia's outerwear line up and add a touch of class to simple school day outfits. 
The construction was simple- just a basic little coat with a mandarin color instead of the regular lapels. And the inside has a pretty little lining fit for spring in Jersey- a vintage cherry blossom bed spread that needed to be used.
Better late than never, I always say. 


Just Ma said...

Beautiful coat---sweet style, luv the lining especially w/the cherry blossom back drop. Breath taking pics. Summing it up w/we want more,we want more!
Love, Ma

Olga (Kid Approved) said...

Love the shape of the jacket!

Jessica said...

Turns out I need to catch up on your projects too! This jacket is perfection. The perfect shape on your girl. (Who always rocks a jacket anyway.) Loooove that color blocked top down there too.

kristin said...

your outerwear is my favorite. this is so perfect, i love the color! and HEY did you see I used some of your vintage sheet as a jacket lining? thanks so much again!

Lucinda Poel said...

This is so lovely! I love the angled lines along the bottom hem. And the lining is so pretty:) Nicely done!