Monday, September 5, 2011

Home Bodies

The good: No major damage following the hurricane.

The bad: The storm left us without power and water for a week.
So all those plans to sew until I ran out of thread were pushed aside while we spent the week keeping the kids entertained away from home. The storm hit us right in the middle of Danny's annual vacation, and while it was a little sad that that was how he spent his only time off from work, I don't know how I would have faired the week without him. And while I loved our time spent with his family and trips to the beach, it made me realize what a home body I am- how sometimes all I want is to sit back and enjoy fig spread and goat cheese.

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Just Ma said...

Was afraid the electrical/water would be an issue w/the storms. Cannot remind you enough that we are always where we need to be and Danny being off work w/his family was exactly where all of you needed to be:---together. Now, get sewing/cooking girl and show us more cute outfits/recipes. Give all a big hug from their Ma.