Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

Usually you can find me most relaxed when I water my little garden in the morning. It wasn't a big production this year- it started with Cherokee and cherry tomatoes sharing space with venturing cucumber vines, and after I dumped the loose seeds from the bottom of my sowing kit I ended up with some surprise pepper plants, marigolds and a young zucchini.Right now I am listening to the wind gust and pounding rain on the windows, and can't believe the worst of this storm is still hours away. It's a little sad to think that when I go out to water my little garden it will probably be torn up and unrecognizable.
But I am also very thankful to be waiting it out with the family couped up in our little abode, and I hope that everyone is safe and doing much of the same.

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Just Ma said...

Glad you are all together, safe, and sound. Love the garden pics. Keep in touch.
Love, Ma