Monday, May 16, 2011


On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a bridal shower in the city. It was for a truly beautiful friend of mine who met her match- a charming man who also happens to be a very talented floral designer.
We were sent home with these gorgeous arrangements after an evening tea filled with good company and fortune readings. On my train ride back home I mulled over a few thoughts, such as one can never underestimate the therapeutic effect of a girly tea party, the deliciousness of scones with creme friache and raspberry jam, and the striking beauty of peonies.
This was my shower gift to the bride to be- a hand quilted throw in various weaves and colors of wine. I am hoping she will enjoy this simple gift as much as I enjoyed being a part of her shower.

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Just Ma said...

How fun is that!!!---The fun of being w/good friends, flowers, and then add an evening tea to the mix. (The colors are beautiful in the hand quilted throw).
Love, Ma