Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moving Experience

It's official- we have moved into a new apartment. With big bright windows, hardwood floors, and much more space, our new place is undeniably nicer. But, I have to admit, I was really reluctant to move out of our tight duplex.
In general I am not a huge fan of packing or unpacking, but this time the move seemed a little more personal. It was the first time I have felt like a home was being made since we started our family, and even though we weren't living in the most glamorous accommodations, we were in good company; we were surrounded by great neighbors who became great friends. So, adjusting to the new place has been both exciting and sad- I just have to keep telling myself that even though we aren't borrowing cups of sugar anymore, my friends are only a 25 minute drive away. That very happy reminder has been very comforting, along with the package of Jojo's that Ori is so delicately enjoying in the above picture.

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Just Ma said...

Great visit yesterday----keep those thoughts and pics coming. Love your blog.
Love ya girl (and family),