Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold: Inside & Out

Forgive me for the very few posts; we are still in the process of setting up and reorganizing our sweet apartment. Things are getting closer to normal a little more each day.
Today we had another opportunity to break out the sled. Danny introduced the kids to our front yard slope, and pulled them around until their cheeks turned pink.
And then to match their frozen toes, they enjoyed frozen drinks. No matter how cold it gets, we can't stop making smoothies. Frozen berries are way more cost effective than fresh this time of year, and they are super good.


Anonymous said...

gosh-how darn cute. i love you guys! wish i had fun parents like ya'll! ps...will need the new address before i can send off a package!!! love ya's...kisses all around


Just Ma said...

What fun---the sled looks like the one you had when you were little. This pic brings back such great memories. You, your Sis, and your cousins loved the sledding times.
Love, Ma