Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The kids and I have each taken a turn being sick this week. Like, really, pathetically sick. We haven't boarded ourselves in with a sign on the door, but that might as well have been the case since we did not leave the house (more than a quick ride to drop Danny off at the train station) since Saturday.
I think the worst part is how poorly prepared we were- the only thing that got us through one particularly sad day was the fact that the kids were allowed to watch Ponyo & Milo and Otis on repeat.

But being sick had some cuteness to it. Phia told anyone and everyone who called to check up on us that she had a "favor", and Ori now refers to tissues as "bless you"s. And really, now that we are on the mend, I can't complain- we did have a nice (albiet somewhat uncomfortable) time together, and Ori's voice is still adorable and scratchy.

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is the cat real?