Monday, November 29, 2010

The Bel Air

Burdastyle is hosting a little contest that I decided to enter, and I have to say, the competition is stiff. It is a contest asking seamsters to design a party look that is era specific. After thinking about it for a day or two, I drove past a very era specific piece of inspiration that has been parked down the street from my house.
I set out to make a dress that was inspired by fifties glam- something with dramatic curves, clean lines, and pretty details. Another point I wanted to hit was making a dress slightly more modernized- I fully intend on wearing this to a party, and didn't want it to look to costume-ish. The bodice is a mint green satin, and the skirt is made from one of my favorite prints from Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley line. The wide neckline was pin tucked to give the top a more dramatic shape leading down to the velvet belting.
If you feel so inclined, please head on over to Burdastyle and check out my dress and the rest of the competition!


Danielle said...

That's pretty! I love the teal color.

Karin van D. said...

Cool car! And you look very pretty in your dress.

boatx2 said...

I think the color looks is so charming and encapsulates that time so well!

I love that collar. Was it hard to do? Satin likes to allure me and then rebel when I (have the nerve!) to do something with it. ^_^

Good-Good luck!

Kat said...

Did you know pop ad a 57 BelAire?
Love the dress--I'll vote!

Anonymous said...

i heard red 54's are way better!